Recoffee - unique organic cosmetics

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

1 August 2020

Are you looking for good organic cosmetics in ecological packaging? Do you like coffee and any of its preparations? You must try a unique cosmetics from recycling of coffee waste. RECOFFEE is a latest product of Oright Company. Oright is a company, which produces an organic cosmetics. Whats interesting - that owning a full cosmetic content will be glad, as well as without it. Each situation have an advantages!

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the whole world. People around the world drinks 400 billion cups of coffee each year, which gives us the result of 14 thousand cups drunk during each second. Infusion of one medium coffee cup, produces about 20 grams of coffee grounds. This means, that on the whole world, during a single day, amount of coffee grounds reaches a huge amount of 22 million kilograms.

Have you wondered, what can be done with such a huge amount of coffee waste? Owners of O right Company, decided to use this huge potential and manufactured a unique cosmetics! RECOFFE series was created, based on From cradle to cradle" concept. Basis of this concept is looking at materials, as a food, circulating in healthy, safe ecosystem organisms. It is a holistic approach, to the process of design, having a goal to create systems, which are not only effective, but free of waste as well.

In order to get the cosmetics with valuable Recoffee oil, processed grounds must be burned and sterilized before further process, which is a SFE technology. Out of one kilogram of coffee grounds, were able to get a 15.6 grams of precious oil. This means, that in order to produce a one 1000 ml bottle of shampoo, Recoffee needs a 16 medium cups of coffee grounds drink.

By latest research, Recoffee oil is a great source of antioxidants. It slows down an aging process, protects skin and hair against damage, caused by heat and too high temperatures, as well as effectively supplies a hair and head skin with water. Recoffee Oright series includes 100% Recoffee oil. Packaging comes by 100% processed coffee grounds - color of the bottles are a 100% natural coffee color. Among products of Recoffee series, you will find a body gel for body cleaning, face wash gel, shampoos and hair conditioner. Shampoos deserves a special attention, precisely a bottle. Why?

When content will finish, you cannot throw a bottle away. At its bottom, there is a seed embedded to it, you should bury a bottle and water it. Seeds sprouts within 1-2 months. At the age of 1-4 years, in favorable environmental conditions, full tree will grow out of it. In its 5th year, tree blooms and bears fruit. Recoffee - tree in bottle is environmentally friendly and an innovative product, hoping to maintain balance of coffee forests.
These amazing innovations have been rewarded with Red Dot Design Award 2014, in terms of packaging design and social responsibility of business.

If you care about nature and you want a world to be greener, wash your hair!