Wellingtons, wellingtons, wellingtons.....

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

28 June 2022

My personal fascination with wellingtons began after the holidays spent in Norway, to be exact - in Bergem. Obviously - it rains there for most of the year. It was then when I realized, that from each side I am surrounded by a variety of colourful wellingtons. It is because the faces of the residents were usually hidden under the hoods or they were covered by umbrellas.

Since then, I love wellies and even though probably I will never have as many pairs of wellingtons, as an average Norwegian woman has; when I go shopping for wellies, I pay attention to their shape, colour and quality.

Wellingtons, though trivial in their look, can be an interesting and decorative element of a wardrobe. An increasing number of companies producing wellingtons can be the best evidence. Besides, they are of course a practical and ideal solution, not only for an autumn walk.

One of our favourite brands, which has interesting colours and patterns in its range, and also – can boast of excellent quality of the footwear, is a Kamik company.
Its offer includes wellingtons for adults and children.

There is plenty to choose from!