Wee Can Too

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

14 January 2022

Art Education at the stage of infancy? In the form of fun – safer and more tasty in addition? Its all possible, since 6 month old Savanah from the United States has decided to become a painter. Her mom invented especially for her organic, edible paints, coloured pencils and chalks Wee Can Too!

It began, as usually, as a need to ensure child with safety tools for learning and playing with the art. Unfortunately – there have not been any appropriate artistic tools for a small child who while drawing often tries to eat his/her coloured pencils. Therefore, in 2007, the artist Sarid Ditton produced First Veggie Finger Paint for her daughter Savannah.

Thanks to them even the 6-month-old baby girl was able to draw with her hands and thus satisfy her curiosity about the world. And what if she has eaten a paint? It does not matter! First Veggie Finger Paint was completely natural, invented in the kitchen! And it has stayed that way.

Today the Wee Can Too brand, created by Sarid Ditton with the help and support from Nichole Krupa, offers a whole range of natural art materials for children of all ages. All of them are made from fruit and vegetable powders of the highest quality, and other vegetable components. The slogan "Art from the start" is the main motto established at the beginning of their production.

The flagship product of the organic brand is still All Natural Finger Painting Set – the successor of the First Veggie Finger Paint. Violet / blue paint is made from the berries. Red/ pink is nothing but beets, yellow - pumpkin, while green is made from spinach. These paints are completely vegan. They do not contain milk, wheat, sugar and preservatives. They are made from organic vegetables and fruits and they are sold as a powder, from which we get even twice as much paint. Just add water to them!

Veggie crayons are coloured pencils, perfectly matched with the shape of the hands of small children. Their production is based on edible soy resin, without petroleum and other toxic ingredients, they gain colour thanks to the same ingredients as in the case of All Natural Finger Painting Set. A new, revolutionary product offered by Wee Can Too is edible ... chalk! Thanks to it even the smallest kids can have fun in decorating pavements and boards. Veggie Sidewalk Chalk is not made of plaster and does not contain lead. Thus it can be used even by very young children. Chalks just like Wee Can Too paints and crayons are vegan, they contain no milk, sugar, preservatives, wheat.

Wee Can Too also offers "distemper" for children over the year. Why is this limitation, since these paints also contain no aggressive chemicals, and have only organic fruits and vegetables. Included in their composition there are natural fruit acids, which are not indicated in the diet of infants under the first year of life! The uniqueness of Veggie Tempera Paints lies in the fact that their structure is completely smooth and silky!

All Wee Can Too products are fully eco-friendly and safe for children. They have won numerous awards, including 2012Cribsie Award. Remember - even though the paints are safe for your child - still do not leave him/her unsupervised during the play. They are still paints not a dinner - kids should use them for painting and for eating!