We test the Gold Super Plus BB Cream by SKIN79

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

28 December 2018

Finding a perfect face colouring cream is a challenge. Products available in drugstores lure with their " perfect covering", "effective hydration", "full protection". So far, none of them has met my requirements. Until now, when I have found Korean SKIN79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream. BB Cream is a "beauty balm" or "blemish balm", a balm used for any flaws or imperfections. These multifunctional cosmetics combine the advantages of face creams and corrective foundation. In addition, they replace the formulations with UV filters, a makeup base and a concealer- masking imperfections.

The first BB cream was created by a dermatologist Dr. Christina Schrammek in the 60s of the twentieth century to relieve skin irritations, accelerate the healing process and camouflage redness occurring after laser surgery. In the 80s a cream healing and masking skin imperfections won the hearts of the Asians women. This love is lasting up to this day, and the best products of this type come from Korea or Japan.

skin79 Gold Super Plus BB Cream

Most importantly - BB creams are "total" cosmetics, so you don’t need any other products. This solution is for all those who are always on the run and who do not have time to apply another cosmetic. While using BB creams you do not need to finish your makeup with powder!

Gold BB cream by SKIN79 is a gentler and more hydrating version of the cult Hot Pink Super BB Balm. Gold Super Plus BB Cream is a 3-functional BB cream intended for a grey, dry and damaged skin. The manufacturer emphasizes that the cream moisturizes and protects the skin against water loss, it improves elasticity thanks to the SPF30 filter – it protects the skin against radiation.

Whats interesting – there are not many different shades in BB SKIN79 products. The cosmetic, simply adjusts to the colour of skin and cover all it has been intended to do. Keep in mind that these creams do not cover skin in 100%, so they do not make it get rid of its naturalness.

Gold Super Plus BB Cream SKIN79

What can we find in Gold Super Plus BB Cream SKIN79? Whitening arbutin, therapeutic zinc, aloe extract, almond extract, sunflower extract, rice husks extract or ivy extract. SKIN79 uses silicones in its BBs which are hardly removed by standard methods, and can effectively clog pores. Therefore, while using the cream, in order to remove makeup you should not only apply essential oils, but also regularly visit a beautician to clean face thoroughly. Anyway – it is worth doing it even without using BB SKIN79.

What is important - how cream works in practice? Certainly you will not get a mask effect! Especially if you use it with a flat top brush, which perfectly distributes the preparation on the face, giving it a natural finish. Although in theory, BB creams are to be used for beauty treatment, as well as for healing - I would not give up my typical skin care cosmetics I use at night or in days when I stay at home.

I can safely say that the effect after applying Gold Super Plus BB Cream by SKIN79 is much better than in case of many, very expensive fluids, which I have been buying in drugstores for many years. Definitely the Korean BB is also better than all BB creams that I have ever used. What is very important to me - the effect is natural and it does not cover my freckles that I do like.
Gold Super Plus BB Cream SKIN79

The biggest surprise was the fact that this cream does not emphasize the pores or my dry skin, which in winter, with working radiators, become my biggest nightmare. Another advantage of this product is its efficiency - a pea-sized dose is enough to cover the whole face, neck and cleavage. But keep in mind! BB from SKIN79 can be overdosed! It happened to me when I applied it for the first time on my face and I knew nothing about this product. It has turned out that its excessive amount on the face looked very, very bad. I quickly removed the excess with a brush and since then I have never pressed the pump to the end. The packaging has a capacity of 40 ml and I suspect that at my pace I will use it in a year’s time.

To sum up - Gold Super Plus BB Cream by SKIN79 is a very good choice and a very interesting cosmetic for all those women who want to look good, but do not like to spend far too much time on it. It is very easy - I apply it, distribute and it is READY. And as to the product itself, its best recommendation can be the fact that SKIN79 is the most frequently counterfeited brand producing BB creams in the world! After all copying is the best form of flattery!

Gold Super Plus BB Cream SKIN79