We test Lilla Mai

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

11 July 2022

Polish, hand-made moisturizing cream with UV filter by Lilla May wasnt tested on animals. Because of that it was more willingly tested by Anna Plaszczyk, the editor of activeandeco.com. On the slope and in hard conditions of central heated flat the cream was a perfect match.

Moisturizing cream with UV filter is making a good impression from the moment of unpacking. Firstly – is is packed in glass, brown pot. Thanks to that the components of the cream are protected from sun light and influence of migrating from plastic packaging substances that has nothing in common with skin care.

Secondly – the cream has a delicate and familiar smell. After a moment of thinking, it appears it is a mixed scent of sunflower seeds, cocoa beans and flaxseed. In any case these scentes my nose is able to to point them outand name them. More is clear after the analysis of the cream composition.

The cream composition is rich, but not in highly developed chemistry, that is hard to decode. In the pot we can find water, sunflower oil, Karite butter, orange flower hydrolat, Coco-glucoside and Coconut alcohol, cocoa butter, sucrose stearate ( natural emulsifier from coco oil). This is not the end. The cream contains also „ olive oil, waxseed oil, aloe vera juice, aloe vera powder, D-Panthenol – vitamin B5, witamin E, glycerine emulsifier - Glyceryl Stearate, Cera Alba – beeswax, Sucrose stearate – natural stabiliser, Phenoxyethanol – preservative, xanthan gum – concentrator, Potassium Sorbate – natural preservative, milk acid – with moisturizing properties, Benzyl Alcohol – antibacterial properties, gives the cream the jasmine scent (warning! Potentially allergenic), zinc oxide – UV filter, lecithine – moisturize skin, jojoba oil, rose oil.

Consistence of the cream is oleaginousm but light at the same time. It is easy to distribute and the cream absorbs easily. It leaves a thin layer on the skin surface. Probably skin glowing after using this cream will depend on skin type. On mine, which is definitely mixed, the cream glows delicately, but this is not a problem for me. I dont have obsession over mat, almost pale appearance. I pay more attention to working of the cosmetic. Moisturizing cream by Lilla Mai I tested during winter-spring time, in unfriendly environment of central heating. Thanks to that my skin, which likes to exfoliate, thanks to the radiators, stayed smooth and well – moisturized.

Neroli hydrolat (orange flower hydrolat) has anti-inflammatory and attenuation properties, it decreased skin flushing. Oil from moroccan rose – antiseptic properties. Karite butter moisturizes, regenerates, makes skin soft and smooth.

Natural UV filter, which role is performed by zinc oxide correspond SPF 4. Thanks to that the cream is a perfect match for spring days. By me he was also very good on the slope. Thanks to high amount of butter and oils he protected the skin during snowboarding During less sunny days the UV filter worked very good. It was worse on sunny days, when the sun light was reflecting from the snow. Then „I was able" to sunbath – luckily not so much, which I probably owe to zinc filter.

The cream is clearly allergy friendly. I wasnt allerged to it, it didnt give me irritated or flushing skin. 80% of components has a certificate of Soil Association and neroli hydrolat has ECOCERT. The cream is very effective, 100% vegetarian, but because of the component of the beeswax is not vegan. It was dermatologically tested. It has expiry date of one year. The price of pot of 50 ml is 42 złotych.