Veggie Bubbles

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

26 May 2021

Avocado with lime, honey from a dandelion with "porridge", oranges with cinnamon – handmade soaps Veggie Bubbles make you want to eat them. They are completely vegan and natural, besides no palm oil was used in their production.

Ula Fuhrmann is a vegan, who for a long time has not been using any cosmetics tested on animals or produced with the usage of ingredients coming from animals. Everything has begun with photos of the monkey martyred in the laboratory. Soon it turned out that it was a photo of cosmetic tests. Meanwhile, vegetable ingredients do not require testing, and extremely effective cosmetics can be made of them. Due to the difficulties in finding valuable, vegan products – Ula Fuhrmann experimented with homemade production of creams, scrubs or lip balms. Finally the time has come for soaps.

Veggie Bubbles production almost looks like baking of muffins. Ula Fuhrmann explains that in the production of soaps you need to combine baking of sweets with DIY in the home lab and an artistic sense of creating a home art.

Veggie Bubbles soaps are neither harmful to the skin nor to the environment. For their production Ula Fuhrmann uses only natural ingredients, which have grown from the ground or have arisen in it (such as natural cosmetic clays). It is for sure, however, that you will not find any animal ingredients there or those that can destroy their homes. That is why Veggie Bubbles do not use palm oil, the crops of which in the nearest future could lead to the extinction of the orangutans.

What can be found in the hobby Vegan Mydlarnia – Veggie Bubbles? There is, among other things, a honey-milk-porridge soap. It was to be vegan – you say. And it is. Because honey comes from dandelion and it is hadmade produced from the popular dandelion and milk – coconut one. The rolled oats act as a gentle scrub. Zakręcony Miętusek is the perfect summer refreshment, and Pomarańczowa Szarlotka will warm you up on winter days.

Instead, Avocado & Lime soap has a clear, tropical scent that has nothing to do with artificial flavours. Fresh avocado, used in its production, is a valuable source of potassium, which is extremely beneficial for all skin types. Vitamin B, E and K moisturize the skin, reduce the amount of free radicals and protect the fatty layer of the epidermis. They support the skin with dilated capillaries. Avocado has also anti-inflammatory properties.

Instead of coconut oil Ula Fuhrmann used in it a wonderful Babsassu oil coming from the Cooperative Farmers in Brazil. In the composition you can also find unrefined avocado oil or surprisingly, lactic acid. This, however, was produced by the fermentation of... plants! In contrast, raw sugar will take care of additional hydration of the skin.

There in Veggie Bubbles soaps you will find olive oil from Andalusia and shea butter imported from Ghana. It is handmade by women from womens cooperatives, who make a living by the production of this precious fat. The butter has Fair Trade certificate, given by the Ministry of Food and the Agriculture in Ghana. In addition to it, cocoa butter and castor oil will take care of your skin.

All the ingredients of Veggie Bubbles soaps are carefully checked with regard to their ethical production and origin. – Production of modern pigments is extremely harmful to the environment, groundwater and for ourselves – explains Ula Fuhrmann – Id like at least "someone" who will hold in his hands any of my soaps, not tested on animals, with neither palm oil nor artificial additives and at least "someone" who will stop in a moment of reflection, and then began to look for information on how our beauty (and food) industry is poisoning and cheating us for our own money.

Ula Fuhrmann believes that this way she can have an influence on the world around her, and that her products will help to educate consumers about the harmfulness of the cosmetics made by the major concerns. – I am dreaming about the people beginning to feel as a part of nature, the delicate chain of life – and not as its masters – she says – a cliché... But this is my real big dream! My small dream is that maybe I can somehow contribute to this , in a fraction of a percent at least.