Vegetable silk and other news from bleed

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

19 June 2021

The wind in your hair, the sand on your skin and as far as you can see, the endless horizon. Feelings of boundlessness and overwhelming freedom – that is what bleed captured for the spring/summer collection 2016. “Deep Desert” contains not only thematically matching prints and patterns, also colors and the used fabrics are reflecting a sense of ease. Furthermore the collection offers some novelties, like shirts and blouses out of vegetable silk and also the first bleed handbag, made out of cork and organic cotton fabric.

Inspired by the vastness of the desert and far away from any social regulations, bleed followed his own way, directing into a self-determined and sustainable future. Matching prints from desert landscapes, dreamcatcher motives or ethical patterns convey this mood and reflect the boundlessness.

As light and unforced can also be described the brand new shirts, blouses and dresses, made out of vegetable silk – TENCEL. This material is not just as sleek and smooth as silk, but even better. Due to the eucalyptus fabric, these products are also breathable and permeable to air. Hereby bleed is presenting another innovation in terms of material and manufacture.

The “Deep Desert” collection is characterized by earthy tones, from a beige brown to a rusty red, loosened by some shades of blue, grey and green. In addition to some classical shapes of shirts, sweaters or tanks, especially in the women collection you can also find many flowing and organic cuts. For example at the dresses, blouses or the new Desert Cardigan with a cowl neckline.

The also more classic cut shorts persuades with the laser-engraved pattern and the roll-up hem. A new member in the family is also the organic cotton French Terry Short in rusty red – available for men and women.

But in addition to the pursuit of freedom, everyone needs some cover from time to time – even when it is just against the cold air during the night. The Windbreaker “Timber Wolf” protects you due to its special mix out of recycled polyester and hemp. But bleed has even more novelties ready. Next to the male brief, they now also got the first female slip and sneaker socks – everything produced out of 100% organic cotton. Furthermore bleed presents the first handbag, a classic satchel, made out of cork and organic cotton fabric. And “she” also brings along her little brother, the Gym Bag. By that, everything is packed sustainable and you are ready to follow your own path.

bleed desert vegetable silk

bleed desert jacket fritidsjakke

bleed desert tank top

bleed desert vegetable silk

bleed desert vegetable silk