Vegan trekking and running shoes

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

4 June 2020

At our readers’ special request of, we have prepared a list of vegan trekking shoes and those in which you can run in the mountains. Due to development of synthetic materials, outdoor companies are producing more and more vegan shoes, which often turn out to be lighter and more durable than leather shoes.

Mens adidas Terrex Swift R GTX Hiking Shoes with Gore-Tex membrane and uppers made of synthetic leather and mesh, have a fast lacing system and extremely adhesive sole. This shoe model is also available for women. Zamberlan Air-Round GTX RR Surround Low Hiking Shoes is also an option for men. This shoe model equipped with a Gore-Tex Surround membrane is ultra lightweight, but also waterproof and breathable at the same time. It could be perfect for the spring and summer trips in the mountains or daily runs. Vibram SpeedHiker Lite is characterized by high stability and adhesion. Upper is made of synthetic material but its additional advantage is the protective rubber for the forefoot, which prevents from the damage of the outer material caused by the stones.

La Sportiva Crossover 2.0 GTX Trail-Running Shoes is a model offered in versions for men and women and it is designed for running in the mountains in winter, even away from the common trails. They have a quick and precise lacing system, hidden under protective zipper. The sole of this model has AT Grip Zone, increasing its grip on snow and ice. The Easy-In system allows for quick taking off and putting on the shoes. Crossover 2.0 model is also extremely light and comfortable.

Another vegan model from a wide range of Italian brand- La Sportiva is TX 3 Approach Shoes. These trekking shoes have been made entirely of synthetic material and connected with very adhesive sole, they were designed to comfortably overcome unevenness even in the most demanding areas. The upper has been made of mesh and the shoe in sensitive places is protected by a rubber rim to prevent from tearing and other damages in the rocky terrain.

But this is not the end of the proposal of vegan shoes from La Sportiva. Another model of shoes worth recommending is Xplorer. These shoes have a completely synthetic, non-extensible upper, which at the same time can remove sweat from the shoe very effectively. Vibram X-Traction sole, thanks to the hybrid design, it is perfect both during climbing and trekking. Lacing from the fingers allows a perfect fit of the shoe to the foot and as well as the needs of the moment.

Merrell All Out Charge Trail-Running Shoes is an offer for all those who are looking for a model good for running in the sloping terrain. The HyperWrap 360° system keeps a foot in the right place, and the ventilation system helps to avoid unpleasant odour. These shoes have fluorescent elements, increasing safety while running after dark.

Womens On Cloudracer Running Shoes is a model for those who require much more from the sole of the running shoe. On shoes sole slows down the fatigue, a honeycomb pattern on the sole increases its grip. It is worth emphasizing that this model weighs less than 200 grams. These are just some of the models of vegan approach and running shoes proper in the mountains. Every year, on the market there are new models, becoming lighter and at the same time more and more breathable and waterproof, with better soles and systems helping to practice sports.

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