Vegan perfumes

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, Aleksandra Półtorak, photos: press release

10 September 2018

The range of vegan cosmetics on the market is still increasing. It is much harder to find ethical, vegan perfumes. However, this offer is recently getting richer - more and more companies have in their offer perfumes that are not tested on animals.

For centuries, perfumes have been produced from vegetable ingredients, but animal ones- musk or ambergris can also be found in them. Due to the reduction of production costs and the protection of endangered species - the perfume industry turns away from the use of animal ingredients in favour of synthetic ones. Their production is less aggravating for the environment and surprisingly - it gives more opportunities in the manufacturing process. Thanks to synthetic scent we can sense , for example, a lily of the valley in the perfumes. The disadvantage of synthetic fragrances are that they can cause allergic skin reactions.

Meanwhile, producers of vegan and organic perfume resign from both synthetics, as well as the animal ingredients. Such perfumes are also not tested on animals, and the components obtained for manufacturing are not dangerous for the environment. More and more manufacturers want to ensure that not only the content of the bottle, but also its packaging is ecological. We have selected for you 9 well-known vegan perfume, which can be found in perfumeries.

1. Stella McCartney "Stella Sheer" - The designer is known for her passion for ecology. She designs ecologically and she actively supports PETA organization. She created perfumes, which are an amber in their base note, in the heart - a rose, and in the top note - fruits (apple, plum, grapefruit, lemon). Heart note was produced from organically grown roses. Perfumes are not tested on animals.

2. DKNY "PureDKNY" - Although its been five years from their premiere- still they are one of the most eco-perfume. An outer box is made of a recycled paper. Glass of the bottle was created in an environmentally friendly process. During its production, electricity and water consumption were reduced. The bottle can also be recycled. Perfumes are not tested on animals. Base note is a white ambergris (produced synthetically), vanilla and Bulgarian rose. Heart notes are jasmine, freesia and orchid. The head notes include Bulgarian rose and lotus flower.

3. Pacifica "Waikiki Pikake"
The base of this perfume is an alcohol produced from corn. It consists of sandalwood, orange, labdanum and jasmine. Apart for perfume, Pacifica company produces also soaps, shower gels, lotions and creams for the body. All cosmetics from this brand are 100% vegan and they are not tested on animals.

4. Organic Pharmacy "Organic Glam"
"Organic Glam" perfume consists of 100 % natural ingredients , over 85% of which come from organic farming. They have no artificial colours, fixers or ingredients of animal origin. The collection, consisting of Citron, Oriental Bossom, Oud and Jasmine in 2010 when it was launched, has increased by 7 new ones - including limited editions of Orange Blossom, Oriental Blossom and Jasmine. The company, as an addition to organic perfumes, has candles, creams and make-up in its offer. Products of the brand are not tested on animals and the company is selecting suppliers in accordance with the Fair Trade principles.

5. Aveda "Aveda Love Pure-Fume Absolute"
Aveda is an American brand of natural cosmetics. The company has its own spa salons, drugstores and hair-dressing salons. "Aveda Love Pure-Fume Absolute" is a roll on perfume, produced from natural ingredients. In the fragrance we can find rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and sandalwood.

6. A Perfume Organic "Green"
The fragrances of this brand are sold in small, hand-filled bottles. The bottles as well as the outer packaging can be recycled. The ink is, naturally, made of plants. A box contains also seeds that can be sown in the garden! The brand does not use any petroleum derivatives. Perfumes are free from solvents, pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Rose, daisy, ylang-ylang, tuberose and wood notes are included in the composition of these fragrances.

7. Tsi-La "Misaki"
Perfumes were created in 2009. Their composition consists of 95% natural ingredients. No wonder, they have won the prize of an American magazine "Natural Solutions", that promotes a nature-friendly lifestyle. They include lavender, bergamot, mint, green oak moss, vanilla orchid and neroli flower.

8. Rich Hippie "Nirvana"
Rich Hippie obtains alcohol from ... grapes. It also takes part in many environmental projects – it helps to protect tropical forests and organic farming. In 2009, a roll on "Nirvana" has its premiere, it delights with the Indian scents of sandalwood, bergamot and bay leaf.

9. Lush "Lust"
Gorilla Perfumes series is a vegetarian-vegan series. It includes a dozen different scents - flower, fruit, and even - the smell of the wind. Lust is a seductive, vegan smell of jasmine. This extremely durable fragrance contains, among others: jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla and sandalwood.