Vegan perfume in a cream - Melodies Perfumes

16 June 2018

They do not contain animal components, they do not stick so the fragrances can be mixed in any way. Perfumes in a cream Melodies Perfume is an interesting alternative to an offer of the chemists and chain of perfumeries.

The idea of Theme Fragrance company is that every human can be defined in terms of his/her fragrance. That is how, the original line of perfumes was created, which can be freely mixed according to an order, or "worn" separately. Ginger Peach - Curious Peach is a unique, vegan perfume with an edge. It is based on a mix of natural vegetable waxes, oils and modern aroma. The solid formulation is easy to use and easily spread on the skin. In contrast to the bee wax -based cream perfumes - Melodies Perfumes will not stick, they are soft and smooth. Ginger-peach version is a perfume for those who previously said "I hate peach perfume".

Creamy Neroli perfume, meanwhile, is a version for women who like quiet scents with hints of orange blossom freshness. On the other hand Ylang perfumes are their strong opposite. They are deep, romantic and floral, hypnotic and erotic. The collection of perfume cream also includes a coquettish patchouli, calming lavender or a delicate rose with camomile.

Melodies Perfumes -cream perfumes, like other Theme Fragrance products can be used alone or mixed together and you can create your own compositions, which will become our flagship. Perfumes are packed in exceptional cans, design of which resembles that of the 50s, it also adds more charm to this unique perfume. Perfumes can be ordered in online stores with delivery to Poland. They cost about 50 PLN/ pack.