Vegan jewellery

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

5 January 2019

Jewellery has always helped women to express themselves. VegeMODA proposes a unique vegan jewellery, so that people who eat no meat or animal products can, in an original way, tell the world that they are vegan. The offer includes not only necklaces or bracelets, but also unique rings or jewellery to ... phone!

Jewellery from Veg collection by VegeMODA are subtle necklaces and bracelets with delicate chains. All products are made in Poland of silver or silver gilt. They are packaged in ecological boxes, that is why they can be perfect as a gift! Authorial jewellery has vegan PETA certification.

VegeMODA offer includes also extremely original rings. 3X VEGGIE RING set consists of 3 rings that look just like fresh vegetables. The set consists of a juicy corn, crunchy peppers and sweet strawberry. However, our absolute number one in VegeMODA offer is ŚWINKA ring from CLING RING series. CLING rings were designed by a Japanese artist Jiro Miura- a lover of nature and animals and they have become a bestseller in many countries around the world. Cling series include a seal, a hedgehog, a rabbit, a panda, a parrot or a tiger. All animals cover a finger so that we have the impression that they hug it!

The Caramela earrings made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free stainless steel can be a perfect holiday gift. Earrings have butterfly clasps. They are 100% handmade - in Athens. VegeMODA offers many models - from fruit ones: bananas, pineapples, kiwi and watermelons; vegetable opnes: tomatoes which in our opinion are brilliant; through bird earrings with thrush or ducks bathing; to the earrings with cats, dogs, pandas, raccoons or bees.

Ideal for vegetables lovers will be a set of five Caramela earrings, each of which with a different vegetable. You can make any composition, which, like the vegetable menu, will never get bored.
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