Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

7 August 2021

Do you know the German company Vaude? If the answer is not, you absolutely have to get to know it! It was established in 1974, due to the passion for the mountains. Its founder, Albrecht von Dewitz decided that his passion will also be his profession. Vaude distinguishes itself with an interesting design and varied range of colours. Its products are made of the finest materials, using the latest technologies.

Company collection consist of clothes, shoes, accessories, sleeping bags, tents and bags. Vaude is a company that pays attention not only to the quality of its products. Social responsibility, environmental quality, care about the environment and production safety are also very important for it.

The companys mission is to create perfect products and therefore it tries to find the right balance between the production process and ecology. Not always it is easy. We all know that outdoor products must meet their functions. Besides they are used in extreme conditions. Therefore, many companies still use synthetic materials and various chemicals for their production.

Vaude is trying to minimize the harmful impact of production on the environment. It constantly strives to improve its products through a range of more eco-friendly materials and usage of innovative technologies in the production, processing and maintenance of their products.

The latest collection included typically outdoor classic clothing; line of casual clothes is also worth noticing. Interesting design of skirts, dresses, blouses and shirts show that the company is trying to meet the demands of not only lovers of the outdoors.

Vaude company bags are worth noticing - Invariably an example of the connection: quality and excellent design.