"Urban crampons " - the perfect solution for icy surfaces.

Tex: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

19 December 2021

Very easy to use and practical - the biggest advantages of Norwegian spikes.

All lovers of the mountains are perfectly aware of the fact that the late autumn or winter in the mountains without crampons can be hard. They facilitate not only move on the ground but above all prevent from all kinds of accidents on slippery, icy surfaces, even seemingly flat and easy.

Ice Spikes are an offer of Unikia company which has decided to release "crampons for townies" for everyday use. Nordic Grip Mini are designed for people who usually do not use crampons. Mini can be sold in a small and portable box that fits the pocket , purse or jacket pocket.

The spikes are very easy to use, so youll always be prepared for the unexpected icing on the road. Nordic Grip has been designed in 5 colours. You can use them for walking as well as for jogging.