Unstitched Utilities – paper gym shoes

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

18 July 2022

Vegan and yet fashionable shoes? Eco-friendly, colourful, with the best design and parameters. These are light, "paper" gym shoes Unstitched Utilities.

When Jack Steinweis, Kevin Crowley and Mark Kane have realized that working in one of the worlds largest corporations producing popular shoes is limiting them -they decided to change their life and "unstitch" the ties connecting them with the existing company. While being aware of their impact on the environment they also agreed to meet the demands of consumers who wanted themselves to be "green" and trendy at the same time. They came without any compromise for their idea.

The result of their work is a brand that combines both the concern for the environment and a great style. Unstitched Utilities shoes are made from recycled materials. They are stained and glued with vegan substances, they do not have any animalistic ingredients. What may seem surprising – the uncompromising of nature of the idea has no negative influence on the quality of shoes. Unstitched Utilities are in fact extremely durable.

The secret of the brand is Tyvek. It is a material that has a density of polyethylene. It is water resistant, breathable, durable and very lightweight. It is also completely vegan and can be recycled. The bottom line is that the Unstitched Utilities shoes when well- worn can be returned to the manufacturer, who will take care of their recycling process. The Unstitched Utilities collection offers sports shoes, from gym shoes to stylish comfortable slippers. They all look as if they were made of... paper! The manufacturer, however, ensures that Tyvek is much more durable than leather. Unstitched Utilities are manufactured in Vietnam and China, but the manufacturer makes every effort to ensure that subcontractors respect workers rights. Thanks to that these vegan and environmentally friendly shoes are even more ethical.