The training with a skipping rope is fun not only for children!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release adidas

4 May 2020

All the women remember perfectly skipping on a skipping rope from their childhood. Undoubtedly, some of you may be proud of the quantity of hours of skipping! The skipping rope is, along with jumping over the rope and gum, one of those plays which for me personally immediately evokes old memories.

Why today, when we are adults, should we return to the skipping rope? Because it has many positive effects!!! Skipping on a skipping rope regularly is an efficient combustion of fat and warming up as well as exercising the whole body. During this activity we lose 300-400 kcal in the half an hour training. Skipping also:
- Enhances the circulation,
- Strenghtens the muscles,
- Improves the productivity of the respiratory system,
- Reduces the fatty tissue,
- Lowers the risk of heart illnesses,
- Enhances the circulation,
- Brightens up the mood.

Although skipping may seem remarkably easy, sometimes it happens that nothing is done correctly. That is why, just in case, we remind you about the essentials to skip correctly:
- The posture should be upright,
- Belly tucked up,
- Elbows bent, they should be close to the torso,
- The hands should be moved aside,
- The skipping rope rotations should be made by the wrists and hands,
- Avoid the shoulder movements,
- Skip on a small height,
- Don’t skip on the toes.

The beginning of the adventure with skipping should be started with one minute and each day we should add another (or two), depending on the form and condition of the person skipping. After four days, we should make one day free for regeneration and again we should start the training by adding another minute.

Skipping on a skipping rope may be combined with the traditional fitness varying the every day training. Skipping is useful for the athletes who do sports that demand jumping, fastness and a very good coordination of movements.

Unfortunately, this form of training is not for everyone! The training with a skipping rope should be avoided by people who suffer problems with joints or by those who have weak bones. The intensive exercising with a skipping rope is not suited also for the people overweighted or obese or those having problems with circulation or heart failure.

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