The holiday’s soon – it is high time to complete the equipment before the active camping

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

23 April 2020

Don’t leave packing up for the last moment – a long waited summer and holiday trips are coming – also those very active. The weather may be kind much earlier so it is worth checking up the camping equipment in advance. Especially, when you plan a holiday or weekend camping in the nature.

If we want to have an enjoyable camping, we need to prepare for it properly! The most important is a good tent and a sleeping bag. If you already have those – check them, think how old they are and if they still meet your expectations. If so, there is no problem. If not – check out the offers of the outdoor companies, because there’s plenty to choose from.

Among the tents – there’s a wide selection. All depends on your needs and budget. A huge quantity of models of many brands will let you find something just for you. Our favourite model is the tent Tentstile Tree. We can put it up both on the ground and hang between the trees – what in situation of wet ground, wild animals or camping with children is especially comfortable. The detailed information concerning the tent Tentstile Tree you can find  here

If it comes to the sleeping bags – also here the choice is wide. It is worth reminding that the novelty on the market is the sleeping bag Planet of the company Vango, which includes a stitched mosquito net. Thanks to that, we don’t have to be afraid of sleeping in the open air! There is also equipment for vegans. More information here here. Now thanks to the technological progress, the camping changes its aspect and becomes also more aesthetic!

Except for the tent and a sleeping bag it is worth investing in a sleeping pad of a good quality, headlamp , dishes and lighters. If it comes to the dishes – our favourite brand is Sea to Summit. Their dishes are very light and can be folded, thanks to which they don’t need much space and let us pack our favourite things. It is necessary to think also about the flint of the brand Light My Fire. It is the best way to start a fire without much stress in every weather condition.

The headlamp is necessary! Good headlamps should be effective, solid and relatively light. Here it is worth to look at the offer of the companies as Petzl, Black Diamond or Mammut. The choice of sleeping pad on the other hand depends on your preferences and a place where you intend to sleep. The best sleeping pads have usually one or two layers, sometimes they are additionally covered in al. The layer has to reflect the heat of our body. So it works fine when the al foil is situated on the top. The foam insulates ground and the aluminum foil reflects the heat radiation causing the lower losses of heat at the same time. Unfortunately, we cannot buy a solid, light and comfortable mat for a dozen of zlotys so before the purchase we need to check up the market.

June is the best time for preparation and completing equipment!


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