The best sunglasses for kids!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

17 June 2017

The proper hat, good bidon, comfortable sandals and sunglasses of good quality is the basic set of a small tourist during holidays. Each of those things is a guarantee of health, good mood and fun. Especially in summer during hot days.

Children often forget and, what is worse, they lose things which is a nightmare to their parents, but it also make us buy cheaper things which in result are of lower quality. Often it does not influence much the health of our children, e.g. in case of jeans. But the case is totally different if the choice concerns the sunglasses. In summer there are a lot of them in shops and markets. The selection is huge – all the colours, the fairytale themes, different shapes. However if it comes to the quality – most of them can be thrown away at once. The sunglasses are for children not only an accessory to match their clothes but mostly – the protection of sensitive children’s eyes.

It is especially important in case of children the eyes of whom are not able to filter the harmful UV radiation as good as the eyes of the adults. That is why it is worth trying good sunglasses. Those that will stop the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation are comfortable and are not only another colorful gadget. The perfect sunglasses should comply with some rules: be safe, functional, solid and at attractive price. One of the companies that we should take into consideration while planning the purchase of children’s sunglasses is company Real Kids Shades. The sunglasses of that brand effectively absorb the UV radiation, have the unbreakable glass and flexible frames. Those sunglasses are available in different colours and models.

Real Kids Shades is made for the children at every age. The brand took care also for the youngest (0-2 year-old) to promote the healthy habits.

My first shades 0+

The model My First Shades are sunglasses for children up to 1 year of age. This model is a maximal protection, comfort and safety as well as the art of getting used to the sunglasses from the earliest stage in life. The sunglasses My first shades are designed for the maximal comfort – the anatomical shape of the frames is developed specially for the children aged 0-2 (the head circumference: 44,5 – 51 cm). This model has a flexible neoprene band with a possibility to adjust at right and left side. Additional patterns (in the chosen colour versions) are applied in a solid, indelible way.

Explorer – age bracket 0+, 2+, 4+

The sunglasses in the series Explorer are style, quality and eye protection of the highest level. They are designed for different age groups, they have flexible, comfortable and removable band which guarantee secure fastening of the sunglasses on the child’s head. The sunglasses Real Kids Shades from the series Explorer are available in different sizes for children aged 0-7.

Breeze  – age bracket from 4+, to 7+

The Breeze series is a typically girlish model with big glasses, in different colour versions. The sunglasses Real Kids Shades from Breeze series are available in different sizes for girls aged 4-10.

Bolt – age bracket from 4+, to 7+

On the bike, on the beach, in the water and in the snow – the Bolt series is an eye protection in the sport style for the active kids. The sunglasses Real Kids Shades from the Bolt series are available in different sizes for girls aged 4-10.

Sky – age bracket from 4+, to 7+

The sunglasses from Sky series for children are stylized as the pilot’s glasses. They have genial simple design and even more genial frame ends which are crush and bend proof. Additionally they have mirror glass that will be perfect for kids aged 2-10.


The sunglasses from Discover series combine the best features of the Real Kids Shades glasses making this model one of the most universal in the whole collection. Thanks to the vast selection of colours and the classical and modern shape, they are perfect both for the casual clothes and skiing costume. The Discover model is equipped with gummed frame ends thanks to which the glasses stay in place and look so cool! The glasses Real Kids Shades from the series Discover are available in different sizes for kids aged 2-10.

Real Kids Shades – Switch

The youngest will love the Switch sunglasses for their magic. Their frames react to radiation: the colour becomes more visible when the sun shines. Parents will appreciate other features of this stylish product: safety, non-toxicity and endurance. The Switch sunglasses are available in four colour versions and in four sizes for children aged 2 to 10. (7+)