Terra Nation

Source: press release

26 September 2021

More than 85% of Europeans engage in activities near water, during their vacation or excursions. Owning the appropriate equipment plays significant role for the majority of the European. The Terra Nation brand was created to cover the needs for an innovative, high profile, reliable and overall solution of outdoor gear for the beach.

Travelling and outdoor leisure activities are very important for the average European, with holidays near the water playing an integral role. The main destination for such activities is the sea, but alternatives such as lakes, rivers and pools are quite popular, especially among Northern Europeans. Because of the importance of those activities, selecting the appropriate equipment constitutes an important factor to guarantee enjoyment. As a result, most of the people purchase the appropriate equipment. Consumers have expressed the need to purchase branded equipment that can guarantee hassle-free use.

Terra Nation seeks to seize this opportunity and become the most recognizable and trusted brand in that segment by investing in R&D to offer well-designed products that provide solutions to the customers needs. Brand philosophy is safety, convenience, pleasure to the users, aesthetic harmony with the surroundings and easiness of use. Vision is creations, not just products; conscious experience near the water; design that unites users in one nation, Terra Nation: "Where earth and water become a place of pleasure, we are all equal free of our stress and worries. This is "Beach Republic", the republic of Terra Nation".

The major needs that are covered by going on vacation close to the water are:
– relaxation
– socializing
– having fun.

Terra Nation is a pioneering and authentic brand and its products have been positively received because they provide reliable solutions by harnessing excellent quality, elegant aesthetic and innovative design. Terra Nation is intended for people who lead exciting, active lives and pay attention to their equipment, as well as for those who love visiting isolated places, off the beaten track.

Firm design principles of Terra Nation:
– practicality achieved through innovative design;
– eco friendly materials, carefully selected to endure harsh conditions;
– colors drawn from a natural palette.