Biodegradable cutlery

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

2 February 2021

Disposable dishes and a cutlery are a revolutionary invention. Everyone, who spent lot of time on washing normal dishes after the family gathering, knows about it.

Disposable dishes are perfect for the grill party, the picnic, or party for children. They wont break, and after the use, they can be simply thrown away. However the problem is that they are often made of plastic and so it can be fatal for the environment.

Plastic unfortunately is decomposing very long, and so we have a very short time of the usage and a very long time of the plastic decomposition.

Biodegradable dishes and cutlery became an excellent alternative to the plastic ones. The Chinese designer Qiyun Deng has created an unusual project. His cutlery is not only environment friendly, but at the same time unusually striking. They are looking like plants.

This incredible set was made with taking care of the environment, and thanks to scanning the real plants, cutlery looks very realistically. Do you still want to throw them away after one usage?