Superfood - quinoa

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

30 March 2020

Rich in trace elements and vitamins, high in proteins and gluten-free grain at the same time? This is quinoa, which is a Peruvian "mother of grains". Quinoa belongs to a group of superfood -food with high nutritional value.

Quinoa is also called super grain, "mother of grains", the sacred plant of the Incas or the "gold of the Incas". In South America, it has been cultivated for over 5 thousand years. Quinoa, due to its unique energy properties, was the main food of the Inca and Aztec war troops. The "western" civilization discovered it only 50 years ago... thanks to NASA. Up till now, it is used to prepare foods for astronauts !

Quinoa is a cousin of sorrel and beetroot. Its beans are very rich in proteins (up to 18%), lysine, arginine, fibre, vitamins (E , C, B), a well- absorbed by the body: iron, potassium, copper, zinc, flavonoids, omega fatty acids , saponin. Protein from quinoa is very similar to the proteins from meat or fish. No other plant has such good recommendation.

Another advantage of quinoa is that it does not contain gluten. Gluten, especially from club wheat, which is pervasive on store shelves, it can be harmful and sensitize easily. We eat it a lot more than our body is able to process, and that causes slower digestive process and it can have adverse effect on our health even if we are not allergic to it. Quinoa is also hypoallergenic. Quinoa has a low glycemic index, which is extremely important for diabetics. It align the sugar level in the body. It assists the production of milk by lactating women. Thanks to saponin, which protects grains, quinoa has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory functions and it stimulates the immune system.

Slightly nutty flavour of quinoa makes it possible to use it in place of nuts in food allergies. It can be used to prepare puddings, sweet porridges, or it can be served as a discerning dish. It can be added to vegan and vegetarian tomato sauces, it can be served instead of rice, porridge or potatoes, you can add it to the spread. You can also buy it in the form of vegetable milk or delicious and light rice-goosefoots waffles. Quinoa comes in three varieties - white, red and black.

Most of quinoa available on the market has Fair Trade and organic crops certificates, but it is worth checking it on the packaging carefully. Quinoa from organic crops, coming from crop rotation is healthy and its cultivation is not harmful to the environment.

The recipe for pudding with black quinoa:
1 cup of black quinoa
2 cups of organic apple juice
unrefined sugar to taste

We cook black quinoa in apple juice (with spices and sugar) until tender, on low heat for about 25 minutes. After this time we blend it. It can be served with applesauce or other fruit.