Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

25 January 2020

Spirulina is a marine alga which has recently become very popular! There is nothing surprising about it, because spirulina, is a valuable source of nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, it helps in weight loss, it has a positive effect on the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

In spirulina, there are, inter alia, over 100 nutrients, vitamins of A and B group, and a lot of proteins. For this reason, it is also called a green meat. Consuming spirulina has a very positive influence on the body, thanks to the presence of pigments - green chlorophyll and blue phycocyanins - it is a powerful antioxidant that cleanses our body by removing all chemicals and heavy metals. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It normalizes metabolism of iodine in the body, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.


Due to the content of vitamin B12, it is a dietary supplement recommended especially for a vegetarian diet, because most fruits and vegetables do lack this vitamin. Whats more, spirulina contains a rare gamma-linolenic acid- a fatty acid, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. The lack of GLA also causes problems with the condition of skin, which becomes dry and loses its elasticity, which to a large extent is a cause the wrinkles.

In health food stores, spirulina can be purchased in the form of tablets, as well as in its original form. The Algae can be added to the mixed drinks, soups, salads and other dishes, enriching the daily menu with a new flavour.

spirulina, cudowna alga

However, we recommend you to use spirulina not only to your kitchen, but also in the bathrooms. The spirulina mask is an excellent idea, especially if your skin needs nourishment, firming, or you want to improve your skin tone. Spirulina acts as serums and the effects of using mask of this wonderful algae, are visible even after the first application.

The spirulina mask
Mix 2 teaspoon of spirulina with non-carbonated mineral water in order to create a consistency of a thick paste. Apply to face, neck and cleavage. Wash off with tepid water after approx. 20 minutes.

The mask is designed for all skin types. The best is to use it 1-2 times a week. Before applying the algae, clean the surface of the skin thoroughly. It is good to use a scrub, to make the nutritional value of spirulina be absorbed better and deeper.