Sofa bloc'd

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

1 November 2020

Are you looking for unique furniture for your home? Especially the kind which may look different every day? Blockd sofa is just of this kind. Its great advantage is not only modern and minimalist design, but above all its modularity. You will never get bored with this sofa!

Blockd Sofa, designed by Scott Jones, is simple in its construction and yet brilliant. It consists of modules. It was designed so as to adapt to different situations and stages in our lives.

The author claims that simplicity encourages interactions that are the key to longevity. The construction of the sofa itself is extremely flexible, funny, intuitive, yet extremely elegant. Through interaction with a sofa we will often be surprised by the effect of our own imagination, because every day, we can create a new sofa for ourselves.

Thanks to this game we are great artists and designers in our own "M". By changing the position of the individual modules, we can adjust the sofa to suit our needs and expectations; we are able to create our own unique piece of furniture.
Sofa is made of steel, soft maple and foam.