Sleep under the night sky - in your own bedroom!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

28 July 2021

Do you like to sleep under the open sky full of stars? We love it and we are willing to sleep there for a whole year! Unfortunately it is not always possible due to our climat conditions. The Cosmos Bed will help lovers of sleeping under the stars.

"Cosmic Bed" is an alternative for all people, who like to sleep under the starry sky. It is a novel idea of Natalia Rumyantseva. Thanks to her you will be able to feel almost like sleeping in the open air in your own home.

Construction of the bed remind a capsule, which will provide you a sense of intimacy and comfort. Another attraction are the facilities of the bed- LED lamps, posing a heavenly atmosphere, the audio system and aromatic dispenser.

Everything in this amazing project has been designed in such a way to provide the user an ideal place for relaxation and comfortable sleep.