Slacklining and Highlining - it is all about having fun with the webbing.

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

14 August 2017

It teaches us how to maintain a balance, patience, and it gives great fun. It can be done by professional climbers and children as well. Slacklining is gaining more and more fans all over the world. So it is worth to try this simple and pleasant fun on the ... webbing.

Typical slacklining is one of the extreme sports, it involves walking and making acrobatics on a special webbing. This, generally, nylon webbing has a width of 2,5 to 3 cm. It should be tied up at a different height between two anchors: trees or rocky crags.

Slacklining is a relatively young discipline. Its story begins in the 80, in Yosemite Valley, in California. The creators of slacklining are Adam Grosowsky and Jeff Ellington, who began to walk using the chains and ropes in the car park. Very quickly many climbers have begun to be interested in this activity. After some time the chains have been replaced by webbing and various additional components have started to be performed.

Tricklining or lowlining, is a basic, and yet the most popular version of slacklining. This version is, first of all, a lot safer - the webbing in this version is stretched at waist level or below.

Tricklining can be the perfect activity for children. Just stretch the webbing very low to the ground, preferably - in a place where the ground is soft (eg, over sand). We will soon find that children with exceptional perseverance will try to move along the webbing from the beginning to the end. During such a fun the kids can practice their keeping balance and patience.

Highlining, in turn, is a fun for the best. They perform stunts on line stretched at high altitudes. It is often performed by climbers and by all lovers of extreme sports. What counts here, above all, are experience, assurance and very good, durable equipment.

In Poland, slacklining is gaining more and more fans today. It can be practiced by everyone - depending on the capabilities, needs and intentions. The first competition in slacklining were held on 20-th of May 2006 in Sokoliki near Jelenia Góra.