Source: press release

28 October 2021

Since quite a while an artificial word and a sports device named by this has entered the scene of recreational sports. Skike – created from Skate und Bike. The name symbolizes combined capabilities of this unique sportive means of transportation for skating, similar to inline skates or cross country skis, and to roll on pneumatic tired wheels like on bicycles.

If Nordic Walking might be too convenient and too slow and if Inline-Cross Blading with or without poles might be too fast and too dangerous, for those Nordic Skating or Cross-Skating on skikes could be the trendy type of recreational sports. Skiking is not only for extreme sports people how some people would mean if you see a demo video for instants, but also for people like me and you. Even for the untrained it might be a new opportunity to enter in a new type of sports and gain lots of fun too. That´s what the name "skike"® stands for.

Beyond this skiking is a dynamic, healthy and safe endurance workout without hard impacts on bones, ligaments and joints. Skiking trains the heart and blood circulatory and the entire locomotory system, by working 90% of the muscular mass, and has very positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. Skiking keeps your in shape and gives you a new sense of life!

Skikes – Structure

The basic set-up consists of a stabile lightweight frame with two wheels, placed in front of the foot and behind. Those 15 cm-wheels, made of polyurethane rims with ball bearings, outer covers and tubes, run on paved roads as well as on unpaved grounds and in light and intermediate terrains.
Considered construction, joint protecting air wheels, one high efficient and patented brake system and intelligent X-and O leg adjustment options provide a totally new kind of exercise in the nature no matter if uphill, downhill or on flats. Skikes have no integrated shoe, compared to other cross skates. They are fitted with an adjustable shoe holder system and belts or ratchet belts with buckle plates for individual use of each skiker.

Skike – Practice

Skikes can be used on paved roads as well as on unpaved grounds and in light and intermediate terrains - on-and off-road. Usually skikes will be used with tall Nordic poles (the recommended length is 90% of the total body size) to intensify the propulsion among practice of different skating techniques. With the on-demand heal lift system on the skike v8 LIFT the traditional diagonal step technique will be possible, analogous to cross country skiing.

Skiking is the perfect combination of sports and fun and also relatively easy to learn. The learning of skike-techniques might be done by self-education. In this case a kind of "preload", e.g. by ski-experience, will be helpful. The self instructor could use some of several helping tools like prints or videos. Exemplary is the book „Nordic Skaten – Lauf Dich fit mit skikes" written by Reimund Hübner (publishing company Pietsch) that recently appeared again in a new, enhanced edition.

The newcomer, or the one who wants to learn skiking properly and also with lots of fun right from the beginning, it will always be recommended to take advantage of a professional skike instructors course. Meanwhile a well developed network of licensed skike instructors will be available in Germany. Such professional skike lessons and courses are accomplished on an education concept that has been coordinated with the German Ski Association (DSV), department mass sports/nordic.
A growing skikers community arranges with all kinds of activities that the skike-virus" as well as suggestions and tips for practicing will be propagated more and more.