Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

10 June 2019

Contrary to gluten free diet style, you should make yourself some seitan. This "Chinese meat" is a perfect proposition for vegetarians and vegans, because its clean... gluten. People allergic to gluten should not eat this.

1 kg white wheat flour
100 ml soy sauce
3 spoons of marjoram
1 spoon of oregano
2 cloves of garlic

100 ml soy sauce
3 spoons of thyme
1 spoon of oregano
3 spoons of rapeseed oil
3 bay leaves
10 grains of black pepper

We knead the dough from all of the ingredients, adding water, so it would be dense and hard like a pasta. We wrap up a dough with cling film and put it to the fridge, for the night.

Essence of seitan production is rinsing a whole starch out of flour and leaving a clean gluten. Its best to do it in a big bowl, in cold (but not freezing) water. We put a ball of dough to water and we knead it to the moment, with water will turn white. We change a water to a clean one when it occurs. We do it till the moment, when dough will turn brown-yellowish, small and very flexible, water – clean. We will gain a clean gluten this way. Mine weight 370 g.
This prepared ball of dough should be cooked. You need to remember, that dough during cooking, will increase its size, even double in size, so pot needs to be big enough. We combine all ingredients of sauce with such amount of water, that will allow us to cook dough in pot (liter of water should be enough). Seitan should be cooked on low fire, under lid for an hour.

After cooking, seitan is ready for consumption. We can eat it with sandwich, use as breadcrumb and fry, or – prepare a cutlets with sauce from it. For this purpose: we cut seitan into 1 cm slices, we turn it around in flour and fry it on oil, until they brown. Next, we suffuse it with sauce from seitan cooking. We simmer it for 15 minutes. Add a roux (wheat flour fried on oil). Sauce should be dense and aromatic. We serve it with noodles, pasta, grits or rice and big amount of salad.

You should remember, that clean gluten is very strong allergen. You should not eat seitan too much and too often.