Scrubba Wash Bag

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

10 November 2017

Portable washing machine that allows you to clean your clothes even during the most extreme expedition is no longer a dream. Scrubba Wash Bag is a wish of those who do not want to completely abandon civilization even if there is no electricity around.

Scrubba Wash Bag has its origin in the trip to Africa made by Ash Newland - one of the Patent Offices employee. Ash took 4 months leave to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro. - Only on the planning level we found out that we can take only couple sets of clothes – said Ash Newland – so we started to wonder how we will wash our clothes. Our longtime considerations brought an idea of the "washing ark" - he added. The next step was its modern successor – lightweight, compact and effective Scrubba Wash Bag.

A prototype was tested in Australia. The first test took place in Tanzania and the results positively surprised the constructor. For the next 4 months of the trip the prototype was heavily tested in regard to its strength and effectiveness. In 2011 Ash Newland quit his job and devoted himself completely to his invention.

Scrubba Wash is a cleverly invented bag equipped with internal flaps. Thanks to those flaps clothes are clean in a minute. Just like old fashioned washboard Scrubba Wash Bag doesnt need electricity. This portable washing machine will be a perfect gift for travelers, businessmen or tourists.

Green Scrubba Wash Bag weighs only 145 g and can be folded so you can take it anywhere with you. With Scrubba Wash Bag we can take with us less baggage without worrying about whether we have place to do our washing. We can also save some money as there is no need to use public laundry. Besides, we dont have to risk washing our clothes in dirty sinks anymore.

How does it work? Pour water into the bag, add some washing liquid and put clothes in it. Wrap the bag 4 to 5 times and zip the clip. The air will go out through the air valve. Then squeeze it for 30 seconds for a quick wash, 3 minutes for more accurate wash. Then open the bag, pour the water out and rinse wash with clean water (in Scrubba or in running water). Drying can be speeded up by wringing in high absorbent towel.

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