Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: pree release

11 March 2018

Polish, vegan and immortal. LANDEBAHN, a Warsaw brand with roots in the Berlin X-berg and Hamburg St.Pauli, means extremely durable bags for every trip. They are simple and sewn with thick thread. These bags are for nameless heroes and anonymous artists of everyday life.

Ewa and Rafał, the creators of LANDEBAHN, created products crossing not only the border of seasonal strength of the product, but also the fashion border. They have chosen quality, instead of quantity. Thanks to that, they created bags coming from the time when clothes were not being changed every season. The products of the brand derive from the tradition of the famous Duffel Bags and hard-wearing sailors bags.

ROWDY BAG Series do not tend to have bad days nor weak finishes. They are solid in every inch, resistant to climatic anomalies and humans up and downs . There have neither plastic parts nor polystyrene finishes. Instead, they are solidly impregnated and made from strong materials. Instead of leather straps there are strong cotton webbing belts. For sewing Landebahn bags they use strong thread which is usually being used to sew ... leather. These bags are "anti-theft" because cutting Rowdy BAG with a razor by a thief , e.g. during a travel in a crowded bus is virtually impossible.

ROWDY BAGS are getting old like wood, or like a good wine –if you wish. The more worn-out they will be - the nobler they look. The creators of the brand encourage to impregnate them with strong impressions and reinforce by an intense life. Rowdy BAGS do not make us stunned by force. The bags of this line will bear up to 100kg of your baggage. It is possible thanks to a special selection of sewing and special thread developed especially for their needs.

ROWDY BAG is made of impregnated linen which is additionally impregnated antiseptically. It is also water resistant and not flammable. It is perfect for traveling, in the town, for training in the gym, or on your way to work. It fits Your entire Thursday, and if it is necessary - a piece of Friday as well. And even - the whole long weekend. The bags are waxed, so they do not get dirty easily. You do not need to wash them, too. Just wipe the dirt of with a wet sponge.

Landebahn are Polish bags, designed and sewn in the country. The bags are vegan - the owners of the brand have been vegetarians for years and in their working life they also care not to use animal products. A distinctive, creative design of the bags emphasises the brand logo - the propeller on a black background.

You will find it on Landebahn.