Righteous compost for flowers

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

7 August 2022

Environmentally friendly coir compost? This solution is a great alternative to peat. This substrate is easily stored- compressed cubes do not take up space and do not lose their properties. Fair Trade in the kitchen and in the bathroom has been present for a long time. What about the garden or the balcony? Now it is possible. Instead of peat for breeding cherry tomatoes or herbs you can use coconut compost coming from fair trade.

Coconut cube of compost, instantly turns into a 9 litres of true ground for flowers after pouring the water. It is 100% made from waste coconut shells that were previously thrown away. By purchasing this ground we support the creation of new jobs and provide an additional source of income for workers in Ceylon. 15% of the cube price always goes to support education and job creation for women.

How to "run" compost? We put this little cube into a large bucket, pour 6 litres of cold water (if we are in hurry - hot, for faster effects) and wait. After 24 hours, the compost is ready for use. At this time the volume of the cube increases even nine times. The surface prepared that way can be used for planting plants. Dont forget about its fertilization - exactly as in the case of classical peat substrate .

The substrate of coconut will be ideal for the home and balcony cultivation herbs, cherry tomatoes or lettuce.