Reindeers observatory

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

20 April 2023

If you love animals, especially observing them in the wild, we have an offer for you. This will not be a trip to safari, but to Norway, and more precisely, to the mountains near by Dovre. There is a pavilion where you can observe wild reindeers. Even the design of the building is admirable. The reason why it has been made, is as remarkable as its design. This amazing pavilion was designed just to let us observe the wild reindeers.

The pavilion was built with curved timber. Inside there is an elegant, hanging fire place, thanks to it you can observe the animals, even when temperatures outside are already low. The entire front wall of the building is made of glass. The view is breathtaking, because you can see the reindeers against amazing mountain background. This original observatory has 90 square meters. It has been designed by the architects from Snohetta group, and it is sponsored by the Wild Reindeers Foundation.
At the turn of the twentieth century reindeers were an endangered species, but thanks to charitable organizations such as the Wild Reindeer Foundation, they managed to enlarge the population.

If youre going to visit this amazing place, we recommend you to take proper clothes with you. Warm underwear, windstoper and jacket made of Gore – Tex will ensure you, that you will be surprised only by the beauty of the landscape and the reindeers themselves. The weather here can be very capricious, and the temperature is painfully low. In addition, you have to walk 1,5 km long trail to get to the observatory; therefore – there will be something for the body and something for the soul. It is a pleasure of the active recreation and the beauty of the nature.

We highly recommend!