Raw cosmetics

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

5 April 2021

Raw cosmetics are a help for skin and an organic approach not only to yourself but to the entire planet. Raw Cosmetics -Gaia Creams are made on order, because they have a short shelf life. They consist of 100% natural ingredients.

Raw Gaia cosmetics do not contain water, alcohol, preservatives, stabilizers, colouring or mineral oils. Gaia Cosmetics are completely vegan and ethical - palm oils (produced according to overharvesting) or beeswax were not used in their production. Production of palm oil is increasing in an alarming rate. New areas for monoculture crops of palm trees are created by burning and grubbing-up rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia. Only in Indonesia up to 140 species of mammals (32% of all mammals living in Indonesia)are at risk of extinction.

All products are based on the principles of fair trade and sustainable development. Gaia Creams does not test its products on animals. With these principles cosmetics get high quality products, manufactured in accordance with centuries-old, local traditions of handmade products. They are not contaminated by chemical substances, which facilitates the acquisition of raw materials. Raw cosmetics are not fighting against the processes occurring in the skin. They support its regeneration and proper functioning.

Raw Gaia creams are handmade by Anna McGurran, vegan and founder of Gaia Creams, with ingredients that you all know and use (more or less). One of them is the cream made of avocado, sea buckthorn, carrots, borage or oats. All have a short 3-4 month shelf life for use. You should keep them in a dark and cool place to prevent from losing their miraculous properties.

All Gaia Creams cosmetics are packaged in glass or aluminum, which can be recyclable. At the same time – chemical substances from plastic packaging could go through the cosmetic, and the producer wanted to avoid it at all costs. The client who is caring about the environment and who will send back to Gaia 5 cream jars - will receive 1 cream as a gift.

Gaia Creams have a number of certifications, attesting their quality. The British Association of The Vegan Society registered them as cosmetics free from substances of animal origin & GMO and as a cosmetics not tested on animals. Gaia Creams have been granted a Cruelty -Free certificate from the OK ! Club as well as a VEGE quality mark. Gaia Creams has carefully chosen the bank, which is not financially supporting animal testing or arms trafficking. The Co -Operative Bank does not work with companies also involved in the fur industry, deforestation, hunting, GMO cultivation and production of tobacco products.