Rabka's brine baths spa that is Eco SPA for Christmas.

17 December 2016

There is not too much time left to Christmas but this is not a reason to get panic. Christmas gift should be healthy and shows that we care about people we love. It could be, for instance, a healing properties of salt locked in cosmetics.

Springs of saline water in Rabka are unique on a global scale. Our grandfathers already knew about saline waters healing properties. It is surprising that all of that was somewhat forgotten today. However, the Rabkas iodine and bromine brine waters belong to one of the strongest in Europe. Its healing, caring and prophylactic properties have been known and used since the 19th century. It is natural and traditional Polish resource – irreplaceable for health and beauty.

This unique brine water is a heart of all Polish cosmetics made in Rabka. The biggest fans of those cosmetics and its anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties are people with sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions. But novelty has its own rights: the character and nature of brine water has been improved by adding vegetable oils, aloe, mineral salts and other ingredients that nourish, regenerate and strengthen the body.

The power of brine cosmetics is their character and healing properties. Thermal Spa Line cosmetics are dye free and paraben free. They are based on natural, organic ingredients: brine and high-quality vegetable oils. Their fragrance of green tea, lemon grass, passion flower, works calming and relaxing.

Our brine based cosmetics comes from over one hundred and fifty years experience and traditions that taught us how to bring modern form to brine waters.