Pocket Ziiiro from outer space

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

11 June 2021

Original, modern design, careful workmanship and exceptional durability - cosmic watches Ziiiro are measuring time extremely effectively. This time also as a pocket watch.

Ziiiro brand has established a position on the casual watches market with the innovative watches with LCD displays. Watches: Saturn, Orbit and Aurora will delight any lover of modern design. Meanwhile Ziiiro Titan is an offer to those who still remember their grandparents pocket watches.

The first ever Ziiiro watch, that is not a wristwatch, combines modern design, known from earlier projects of the company, with the classic form of the pocket watches. Titan, available in five different colours, still uses the same unique method of showing time just like the wrist watches of this brand do. LED display in a particularly ingenious way replaces the hands.