Plus and Minus

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: Mangda

14 July 2022

Artistic photos and their extraordinary beauty heroes - facebook fanpage "Plusik and Minusik" in an unconventional way describes the life of red cat twins. The author of the pictures and at the same time the guardian of the cats is Mangda, who every day deals with taking the photos of ... women.

Plus and Minus are eight years old cat brothers. Mangda created the fanpage for them, when the life of the family came to a turning point - moving from the city to the idyllic countryside. Thanks to her, the cats have gained space for the realization of their ideas, and their guardian - the whole lot of photographic ideas.

The photos of the cat twins, which are difficult to distinguish even for the faithful observers of the fanpage, require no comment. Thanks to the extraordinary reflex and the eye of the photographer even a layman can see cats habits and whims in the photos. As an addition to the pictures of sleeping cats (and yet every cat guardian knows that they sleep through ¾ of their life) Mangda perpetuates their hunt for flies and the water in the tub, the sightseeing of a dishwasher, occupying open bags, suitcases, backpacks. In the life of Plusik and Minusik there are plenty of boxes, always big enough to fit or the days when they "help" their caregivers while working in front of a computer.

All images are full of light and quiet, although the main characters are the two impetuous cats. It is worth following the life of Plusik and Minusik – each cat guardian can find some situations that are analogous to their own life with cats. Or maybe each new scene of life of the red brothers from the village near Poznań will bring you to the decision to pack your pets and escape from the city?

You can like Plusik and Minusik Profile here.

But the photos of women by Mangda can be seen here.