Text:Mariola Weindich-Mašek

5 January 2020

Papaya or papaw - is a spherical or pear- like shape, orange, sometimes greenish fruit with yellow or pink flesh. Its fruits have black, round seeds, they are edible, although slightly bitter. Papaya comes from Central America, where it has been worshiped by the Indians for a long time. Papayas can be bought easily in big supermarkets, but you should remember that orange, ripe fruits are good for consumption, it should also be soft, if you buy unripe papaya, it will be not good in taste, so you it would be worth to wait a few days and let it ripen.

Papaya is a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, it also contains carotenoids, fibrin, carpaines –that can keep heart in a good condition and vitamins A, C and E. In addition, papaya is also a source of proteolytic enzymes, these substances facilitate digestion of proteins. Papaya can be used in problems with digestion, or if we have eaten too much. It would be ideal as a dessert after a lavish dinner, it can be eaten by itself, or you can add it to salads or cocktails, but remember to add it as a last one, because enzymes contained in it, can make other fruits soften quickly.

You can eat all parts of papaya - its seeds are a brilliant addition to dressings and salads, they can give them an interesting, spicy taste! However, pregnant woman should avoid papaya seeds definitely!!!


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