Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

2 April 2021

What can be made of combining the scientists genius and the designers creativity? Foldable, lightweight shoes- hundreds of which can be stored in the closet. We can learn the fact that human creativity knows no boundries, by looking at an experimental project of Horatio Han Yuxin and Professor Crowley.

UNifold is a project of onepiece, foldable shoes. The designer and the researcher, in their futuristic idea, decided to use EVA material to create unusual shoes. These shoes can be folded and unfolded; an additional advantage of this material is that it makes things very light.

EVA Material is well known by every snowboarding or skateboarding lover. This very comfortable and durable material is used for many years as inserts for sports shoes, protectors and sports equipment.

No wonder - EVA foam provides freedom of movement, it is characterized by high thermal insulation, it does not absorb water thanks to the closed cell structure, and finally - it is resistant to mechanical damages. UNifold Shoes have all the characteristics of the EVA foam and also an interesting design.

Imagine all your boots arranged like books in your closet or in a suitcase while traveling?