O!Błędne Skały- unique place

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

20 May 2020

The labyrinth of rocks- Błędne Skały is a unique place. The route is easy and the views - captivating. They are worth visiting in the middle of the summer. Then, in their shadow we will find relaxation from the heat.

Błędne skały is one of the few areas of strict protection in the Stołowe Mountains National Park. Once covered by fog of the mystery and legends - whoever has entered the rock labyrinth, never returned home- they were avoided by local residents. Today, there is even no trace of these legends. Błędne skały were the set of the film "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and Polish hit of the 80s " A merry devils friend" – "Przyjaciel wesołego diabła".

Błędne skały are located at the end of the Skalniak ridge (915m asl). You can drive a car almost to the entrance of the labyrinth; all you should remember is that traffic on a narrow road has swinging motion and barriers are opened every half an hour (entry on the full hours and exit on halves). It is worth remembering in order not to wait too long in front of the barriers.

The permit for car to entry to the upper parking lot and admission to the labyrinth are charged. To explore Błędne skały properly we should reserve a minimum of 45 minutes. The entire labyrinth is made of rocks from 6 up to even 11 meters high. Many of them have their own names. So we pass "Skalne siodło" (the Rock Saddle), "Kurza stopka" (Hens foot), "Labirynt" (the Labyrinth), "Tunel" (the Tunnel) or "Wielka sala" (Big Chamber). In the labyrinth there is a unique microclimate – it is damply and chilly there. Snow between the rocks can be found even in late spring.