Nomad Micro Home

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

20 April 2021

You don’t like huge spaces nor tidying that takes a couple of hours? You would like to have your own cozy house for a small amount of money?Then Idea Micro Home is exactly for you.

The cost of Nomad Micro Home is about 30 thousand dollars. But the low price is not its only advantage. You buy a Micro Home in parts. Thanks to that it can be delivered to any location in the world. After unpacking you can build it personally.

The space of the house is up to 100 square metres. In the building you can find everything you need to live. This micro house provides comfort and a cozy atmosphere, that is characteristic for small places.

Downstairs there is a living room, living room, kitchen and the bathroom, while upstairs is a bedroom. A Nomad Micro Home is also provided with modern and ecological solutions– solar panels and rainwater tanks. Big windows, that visually enlarge the rooms also provide access to daylight at the same time. This project is perfect for active, young people. And when you want to move, pack up your cozy house and take it with you.

The assumption of the Nomad Micro Home project was to limit consumerism and drawing attention to the possibility of creating comfortable and cheap housing . This solution not only stays in balance with nature, but above all it is available for the majority of people.