Nettle curse of the past, hope of the future

Text: Natalia Stompor, photos: press release

12 December 2021

Curse of the past and the time when you learn how to ride a bike. A short adventure with it often ended up with burining pain. We avoid nettles like the plague, but it is a source of valuable components. It is a health bomb for everyone.Nettle is a plant from the nettle family. Popular in Poland, and also in Asia, North Africa and North America. It grows on rich, humid and permeable soil. You can mostly find it in forests, in the near of the rivers, lakes, on debrises. The most popular herbal material are leaves, but seeds and rhizomes are also becoming more and more popular.

Richness of the valuable components is provided with majority of the vitamins like C, B1, B2, K. The nettle also contains carotene, chlorophyll , formic acid, silicic acid, folic acid, glycolic acid, flavonoids, tannins, phytosterols. It also contains iron, potassium, calcium, silicon, manganese, phosphorus and copper.

The range of nettle use is huge, starting with cosmetological use, through health and plants protection. Nettle rinse improve hair condition, has an reinforcing impact, it brings back the brightness. Nettle has a positive influence on skin. It is recommended for the bath to people who are willing to reduce their weight and for those who are suffering from rheumatism of muscles and joints. The easiest way to provide your body with substances from the nettle is drinking infusion made out of it. Nettle tea helps in treatment diseases like liver damages, anemia, diabetes, gastroenteritis, urinary tract diseases. Regular drinking of nettle juice considerably helps in anemia treatment.
Remembering that the source of our health is food which we eat, it should be also present in our diet.

Nettle is a great component of salads. It doesnt only look well, it has also a great taste. We dont have to limit ourselves to eat it uncooked, it will be also good cooked as a filling for the pancakes or croquets. Kitchen full of vegetables is a base for healthful nutrition. If we cultivate our crops we know how important is proper fertilizing. In gardening liquid manures has been used for a very long time as ecological fertilizer, for example for tomatoes, but not only. Use of nettle liquid manures is huge. We can water cucumbers, carrots, brassica vegetables, and also shrubs and fruit trees as well with it.

Nettles which grow free in our garden and on the other areas are an invitation for the insects. When we stop grubbing them we help to survive buterrflies and other insects. The history of this plant is very interesting. In the past nettle leaves were used for food preservation! It is worth to look into this plant and change opinion about this weed. While drinking nettle tea, eating nettle salad we can be proud of ourself because we gave our body everything that it needs.