Pure nature from Lilla Mai

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

8 May 2021

Cosmetics which dont contain parabens, artificial colours and preservatives are becoming more and more popular and more desired by women in Poland in the stores.
This description suits to organic cosmetics Lilla Mai.

Lilla Mai is a polish company, which has begun his adventure with ecological cosmetics in a very prosaic way – it all has begun with simple satisfaction of ones own needs – At the very begining I have begun my own cosmetics production for my own needs, gradually introducing new ideas – the origin of the company recalls the owner, Dominika Szczeplik – What has helped me to make up my mind ? A couple years ago I have realized, how many hazardous substances, like for example petroleum, phthalates, parabens, lead we absorb from products that we use. Resarch shows, they can be (or are) the cause of the cancer and other diseases. I believe, that organic and sustainable products are crucial for the health of my family and the world, in which we live – she adds.

90% of Lillas Mai cosmetics are from certificated cultivations. Oil and butter are unrefined, and hydrolates and other substances of plant origin dont contain preservatives. In order to work properly the cosmetics must be fresh. Because of that Dominika Szczeplik creates them manually, in short series. Lilla Mai cosmetics are not tested on animals and they dont contain products of animal origin. Their quality is confirmed with dermatological nad microbiological research.

What contain these cosmetics ? Argan oil, manually cold-pressed, has anti ageing and alleviation properties. It protects skin and has anti-inflammatory properties too. Organic neroli hydrolat, from orange flowers, has moisturizing and refreshing benefits for the skin. One of the most precious oil in the world, the oil from damask rose (from 1 ton of flowers you received only 1 kg of the oil), has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Apricot kernel oil moisturizes your skin and makes it feel smooth. And shea butter, manually cold-pressed and unrefined is a rich source of A,E and F vitamins, has no ability to sensitize and is a natural sun-filter.

In Lilla Mai offer we will find antiperspirants based on wormwood, pilling with salt from the Dead Sea, cream made out of the shea butter, moisturizing cream with natural UV filter, organic toothpaste with xylitol.

Dominika Szczeplik is also performing trainings, during which she teach how to make your own cosmetics at home and with no chemicals.