My friend Roomba - test

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

12 February 2018

Work and home – who among us does not know and is not stuck in the circle of everyday life. Always busy and rushed, we have a little time for ourselves and our pleasure. We run from work to home to clean up, cook and take care of the affairs of everyday life. Surprisingly, we can get the free time from ... a vacuum cleaner. I also realized that maybe I should try to optimize some of the household chores! I mean cleaning- daily vacuuming of cat hair takes me a lot of valuable time that could be used in a different, more creative way. Such considerations allowed me to search for a vacuum cleaner. I questioned friends and I came to the conclusion that it it high time to buy a Roomba.

Roomba is the irobot which is simply used for vacuuming. It is easy to use and extremely helpful in every household, especially when we have pets. This small circular robot is really a fantastic solution for active and busy people. Instead of the everyday vacuuming by my own, I turn on the clean button and my best friend does for me all the dirty work. Thanks to it, I can use time more effectively. Roomba not only cleans but also "thinks". When it finishes cleaning up - it returns to the dock to be charged before the next cleaning. It can be also programmed to clean exactly when it suits us best. It has also a dirt indicator to tell us that we have to empty it. The iAdapt technology used in Roomba is a sophisticated system of sensors and software, thanks to which Roomba vacuums more accurately. It also prevents the iRobot from meeting electrical wires lying on the floor.

Personally I have been testing Roomba from 2 months. Actually ... it even became my best friend. My two cats are losing a lot of hair, and the solution to this problem is only and exclusively the daily vacuuming, which was really time-consuming for me. Since I have Roomba – I turn it everyday and, at the same time , I work, take the baby to the nursery, or go shopping. When I come back - I have my apartment dusted the. You can clean two rooms at the same time! Clean one room at a time when Roomba vacuums the second.

Generally, our cooperation is perfect. I discovered at that time that the limitation of space helps Roomba to improve the productivity. This means that it is worth to close it in a room that should be cleaned by it to do it perfectly without leaving the room. Although, it happened once, that Roomba became entangled in the strings of vertical blinds. Despite these details – it is wonderful and I cannot imagine my life without her.