Mother Nature as designer

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

30 October 2020

On one hand XXI century means the dynamic development of new technologies, but on the other - return to nature. More often we reach for natural products and we are more willing to use the blessing of nature in almost every aspect of life.

Recently, architects, artists and designers more and more often have been using natural materials in their works and they get inspiration from nature.

Designers from the studio ding 3000 believe that: "Nature is the best designer in the world." That is why one of their collection is based on very inspiring world of animals. This collection consists of furniture and accessories that in an interesting way reflect the world of animals. Sources of inspiration were for example: a dog, a giraffe, chicks and a mule. Judge yourself this amazing collection.

Tazi Sofa – was created due to fascination with Afghan hound. The curtain made of white fringe looks like a long, silky hair of Hound. It completely covers the lower part of a sofa, it gives an impression that sofa is above the ground.

Cuco vase - always looks for fresh flowers. This elegant vase has a sphere shape with a hole that looks like beak. The inspiration for designers were hungry cuckoo chicks. Vase captivates with its suggestiveness and simplicity.

Jirafa Lamp - an interesting floor lamp on three legs. All three sections have different length, so mathematical algorithm was used to connect them. The lamp has a natural look and makes different impression depending on the viewing angle. The project is inspired by a giraffe.

Muli Cupboard - the mule inspired designers to create this amazing cupboard. It is made of solid oak, it has drawer and hiding place open from the top, so you can have an easy access to the most valuable things. The legs of the cupboard were fitted with different angles, making the impression that the cupboard is constantly in motion.