Minicamera – a lot of possibilities

Text: Aleksandra Półtorak, photos: press release

6 July 2018

GoPro is a synonym for a highest quality and lack of boundaries or compromises. This small camera revolutionized not just a way of sports filming, but a thinking about showing it. GoPro history is a history of wonderful child, which is supported by everyone, even the craziest idea.

First sport camera by GoPro Company, was powered by AAA batteries. You could mount it to the helmet. First GoPro are a films with revolutionary resolution at that time, which was 512x384 pixels. Next models are a dynamic story of technological changes, supporting even the craziest ideas of extreme sports athletes. During 7 years since release of first GoPro, it went from low quality, through HD, Full HD to the latest 4K standard.

GoPro is a quality mark. Since first model, its characterized with very good quality and resistance on external factors. As their users says – those cameras are worth its price. How much GoPro costs? Depending on a model and additional equipment – from 600 PLN up to 3000 PLN.

Cheapest GoPro model is a Hero model. This camera is a true price hit – it costs 600 PLN, and its capable of doing many things. HERO is a basic model with very good quality of video in 1080p resolution with 30/20 frames per second and 720p with 60/50 fps. Camera takes pictures as well in 5 mln px resolution, and includes a time lapse mode. Camera is fully water-proof, if you just replace the casing flap with a full one.

In latest GoPro collection, we have a model Black, which films in 4K resolution and includes possibility of filming in 100 frames per second. In this small box, we will find functions like Night Lapse or Night Photo as well. GoPro Black is as well as surfers version, with attachments to the board in basic equipment. Company doesnt stop on athletes only and brings a GoPro Music on a market, which allows a professional filming of events or concerts as well. Doesnt matter if event is indoor or outdoor.

Camera purchase itself is not enough. GoPro produces a whole spectrum of an extra accessories, for example booms, which allow to film under different angles, filters, casing and even suspenders for animals, in order to film from their point of view. It gives a possibility of showing world from different perspectives and from different angles. Despite its high cost, GoPro camera users says unanimously, that they wouldnt exchange it for its cheaper equivalent. GoPro conquered the world of extreme sports, but more often it goes to those, who want to capture a family moments not just from vacations.