Meyou– love for cats and good design at once!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

30 May 2017

Meyou is a French company, the designers of which created the unusual beds for cats. They were made not only to ensure the safe and comfortable space for a cat, but also to be pretty. Its design adds a little charm to our interior and does not disrupt it.

Unfortunately, most of the furniture and accessories for pets still do not look well. The pet shops usually have a lot of gadgets of poor quality, not to mention the design. The patterned pillows and plastic toys are standard which does not satisfy everyone.

The owners of Meyou brand created a product which is to satisfy the needs of people craving for good design. The very name Meyou reflects the idea of a house. It was made out of two English words – “me” and “you”.

In its offer Meyou has now four kinds of beds and toys for cats. All of the products can be bought in a wide selection of colous. Choose whichever you want!

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