Lofoten Opera Hotel

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

4 May 2023

If you dream to see Lofoten, we encourage you to defer sudden decision, save more money and go when near the city of Sorvagen an unusual hotel - Lofoten Opera Hotel will be built. The design of this unusual hotel was been created in the same architectural studio- Snohetta, which has designed the observatory of reindeers, the one you could read about on our website.

Designers have been thinking about the project of the building for a long time, their main goal was to create such a solid, which can perfectly integrate with the surrounding area so that the design will not upset the natural beauty around us. It was also important to provide guests with views of the surrounding nature from every place in the hotel.
Thus the idea for an unusual, circular, spiral, shape the hotel has come into being.

Of course, the design of this amazing place is complete in every smallest detail. The project also takes into consideration the functionality, accessibility for tourists and sports enthusiasts, besides the location was selected to make easy access to other interesting places in Lofoten. The hotel will have up to 11,000 square meters in addition to the hotel rooms there will also be apartments, SPA, a brine, an amphitheatre. Attractive surroundings and numerous opportunities to spend active time in nature will probably attract a lot of tourists from all over the world.