Leg&go bike - 8 bikes in one

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

27 February 2021

The fashion market of clothing and other products growing up with a child was entered by a company manufacturing ... bicycles. Leg&go bike - 8 bikes in one, has been created this way!

Buying the first bike for a child is a big challenge. Currently, probably the best-selling bike is the so-called running bike. It has two or three wheels and it has no pedals, so that the child can learn how to maintain balance and what is important – he/she is in constant motion.

Leg&go bike – Lithuanian company has a very interesting offer of the first bicycle for children. Leggobike bike is made of wood and it is a kind of a folding one. Bike is not only just "growing" with the child, but by buying a few extra items, it can also be modified freely - up to 8 different ways.

8 bicycles in one means many possibilities and a lot of savings. Among 8 possible versions of the bike you will find the version of rocking elephant for the youngest children, which than, of course, can be transformed into a bike, which can be the most appropriate for your child at the very moment. Leg&go bike bicycles are designed for children from 8 months up to 6 years.