Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

17 March 2017

The Canary Islands in the ancient times were known as the Islands of Happiness. Nowadays, they are often called as the Islands of Eternal Spring. They differ among themselves not only due to the climate, but also the landscape. For lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing Fuerteventura will be an interesting place, volcanoes lovers should necessarily visit Lanzarote.

On Lanzarote island volcanic activity is visible almost at every step. Numerous craters and jagged, vast areas of frozen lava make it sometimes difficult to resist the impression that you are on a completely different planet. The island is not large, so that you can visit the most interesting places in an few days time. Especially charming are those places directly related to the volcanic activity.

The Timanfaya National Park is the place that you have to visit on the Lanzarote Island. Its appearance is the result of a series of strong volcanic eruptions between the years 1730-1736. Then 11 villages, located in the neighborhood of the present-day park, were destroyed. Although the last eruption of the volcano on the Lanzarote Island took place in 1824, it is in the park, where you can see that the volcano beneath our feet is still active.
El Golfo is a half of crater which partially collapsed.

The volcano and the beach with large volcanic bombs are extremely interesting, but the main attraction is the closed lagoon with an intense, emerald-green color. Most likely, the algae are responsible for this color, but there is also a theory that the color of the water is a result of the occurrence of the semi-precious stone: the olivine on the island. The olivine very often glitters on the volcanic beaches of Lanzarote and it is impossible to miss it. So it is not surprising, that it is the basis for the local production of jewelry.
Visiting El Golfo is worth stopping for a moment on the way leading to the volcano. From there you can see the vast fields of frozen lava.

Another place worth recommending are the vineyards in La Geria on Lanzarote Island. Their unusual appearance attracts a lot of tourists, and it is due to nothing but the geological structure of the island. Bushes of grapevine are planted in the pits, separated from one another with 1 meter, semicircular stone wall. Everything is done in order to make plants reach the ground underneath the layer of volcanic ashes with their roots. But the pits not only provide them with access to the water, but at the same time they protect the plants from the wind. Traveling across the region of La Geria, it is worth visiting one of many bodegas. There you can test whether the taste of the wine matches the appearance of these extraordinary vineyards. Jardin de Cactus and Jameos del Agua are the other interesting places on the island.