„La vida es chula“

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

25 August 2021

They create only positive feelings and emotions. They are marvelously colourful and courageous. It was always impossible to just sit by and watch next to Desigual clothes. Now it will be even harder – the brand is getting into sport clothing market.

Desigual sews only special clothes since 1984 year. However only in recent years is becoming more popular on east european markets. The brand is well-known specially for its interesting, untypical and very clourful patterns.

The philosophy of the company and its view on the design is concentrated in one sentence :"La vida es chula" which means „Life is cool". Until now Desigual had „only" special casual clothes, very colourful and funny. The brand didnt produce typical sports wear. But soon this will change!

The first female collection of sports wear with Desigual tag can be a prove that the best quality and the newest technologies can go hand in hand with creativity and womanly, creative design.

Sport line of Desigual is a technnical clothing made with the use of the latest technologies. We will find there sport trousers, t-shirts, tops or jackets. There will be also a variety of sport shoes, invented for running, walking and dancing, and also purses and rucksacks.

All poducts mean the beginning of new age in Desigual. A sport age.