K. Blok wooden glasses

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: Joanna Lewandowska

9 October 2021

It was created from love for travels, design and friendship. They are ecological and stylish. You can buy K.Blok wooden glasses in sunglasses version or corrective one.

The whole idea was born during travel to Asia. Kate Blok has fallen in love with wooden glasses – Wooden design is more popular in the world since more than 2 years, in Poland it is still unknown – explains 22 years old Kate Blok – I decided to change it. The idea of creating my own brand and production had born. I wanted that wooden, ecological design to reign on polish streets.

Th idea was simple – the wooden glasses should be available in Poland at reasonable price. The hardest thing was to produce such glasses in the country. First models were produced abroad. Today K.Blok glasses are produced in Suwałki.

Designer are often inspired by plastic models, but not each of them can be made from wood. In this case you have to „redesign" it in proper way. – Until now we had made glasses from one piece of wood – says Kate Blok – Currently we are working on new models from plywood, thanks to which we could achieve original effect of colour combination .

Designing is field of brand owner. Next, the project is directed to computer program, which is compatibile with every machine used in production process. The glasses are cutted by machines. The wood is protected by special impregnating wax. Until now the glasses were produced from different types of exotic wood, but the company is planning the use of models from polish types of trees. The glasses have 2-year guarantee.

Design, which we give to our glasses, is a combination of classical elegance and modernity – says K. Blok – we want our glasses to be universal. We try, that they will be sport and elegant at the same time.

Each pair is somehow special and unrepeatable thanks to the combination of the tree rings. K. Blok glasses have natural colours, and if they break – you can throw the frames away in your own garden. But this is not the end – Our company lives in peace with the nature, and because of that we have decided to spread our ecological actions – boast the author about her new idea – For every selled glasses we will be planting a tree. In order to give back the nature what we have took from her.