Italian rope walking

Source: press release

16 December 2021

Fans of rope parks cant miss an opportunity, to not to go to Highline Meeting in Monte Paine in Italy. Its the biggest festival for amateurs of rope walking. Monte Piana is a town in Dolomite regions, which offers a view on north Italy in its touristic package. Beautiful views are an invitation not just for the fans of mountain climbing, but also for those involved in slacklining, which is walking and doing acrobatics on tapes hung at a height.

"International Highline Meetings in Monte Piana" is an event, which integrates slackliners from all over the world. So far, there were three editions of this event, which gained a great success. During festival, there are yoga and acroyoga workshops, which is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. Among attractions, organizers are exchanging mutual watching of presentations and movies about slackline, meeting with guests and "Slack Trail" team competition. Additionally, participants will have a ropes, hang above abyss and hammocks available, in which they can sleep or take a nap.

Cost of participation in festival is 30 euro – price includes access to ropes, tent spots, breakfast, insurance and memorial t-shirt. Organizers are offering a full feeding, in price of 10 euro. You can find more details on festival webpage: